Servir, promover y dignificar a los más necesitados, a través de actividades sociales, culturales y deportivas mejorando su calidad de vida y suavizando las situaciones de pobreza, dolor y carencias que padecen, a través del trabajo voluntario y de programas sociales, educativos y salud.

About us

We are a non-profit civil association called Agapao Argentina dedicated to the social, cultural and sports area. Its primary objective is to provide assistance, training and advice to those who have less. Defense of the rights of children, the elderly and people of different abilities. Our motto is "Do not refuse to do good to whom it may concern when you have the power to do so."


Nuestro voluntariado no se emprende de cualquier forma. Los valores constituyen el modo característico de realizar las actividades, expresan lo esencial de nuestra cultura organizacional, el modo de actuar y de relacionarnos entre quienes conformamos Agapao Argentina. Nuestros valores institucionales son:
  • Amor Desinteresado
  • Servicio por el Prójimo
  • Generosidad
  • Responsabilidad


Agapao Argentina was founded by Ana Manrique and Daniel Palomar in the month of June of the year 2005. It was during 2001, a difficult year, where he settled in the city of Grand Bourg , a community dining room where two hundred and fifty people were served every day, later extending to social work with a group of street children at the Retiro station, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. We could not ignore the great need of people. From that moment the idea of ​​founding a humanitarian aid organization called; Agapao Argentina.


The social volunteering, body of action of Agapao Argentina , is a group of people who, voluntarily and selflessly, execute the various social, cultural and sports activities. The motivation of volunteering is altruistic and selfless actions to perform free of charge the solidarity tasks they assume of their own free will, thus dedicating their time with love, respect and solidarity spirit.


Children's Home

We dream of a physical place that has all the benefits in which we can provide children who suffered abandonment, violence or abuse, all the support, love and containment they need to grow in an environment where they can access shelter , education, and everything necessary for your social, emotional and physical development in favorable conditions that provide a better future.

Day center for special kids

We dream of a physical place that has all the benefits in which we can provide training workshops, recreational and recreational activities to people with different abilities from childhood to maturity.


Picnic "Rayito De Sol"

We have the regular attendance of fifty children, in some cases accompanied by their mothers and grandparents, where they receive snack, school support, various recreational and recreational activities based on values ​​and good principles. Occasionally thematic trips are also made (Zoos, museums, etc)


A workshop designed and made to train people with a real job outlet, this workshop is open to both the beneficiaries of the entity and the general public.

Sign language workshop

We started with an initial workshop in 2019 to continue with level 1 sign language.

Men's Soccer School

In 2019, we started the football school run by the technical director Joaquín Gonzales , where he imparts his knowledge to children aged 7 to 10 years beneficiaries of the entity and the general public.

Women's Hockey School

In 2019, we started the women's hockey school for girls from 4 to 12 years old directed by the teacher Susana Adriana Pucheta .

"Weaving smiles"

This social and open activity is about knitting wool caps for children suffering from cancer and squares of wool to make blankets for people in street situations, these fabrics are made by various volunteers from across the country.

Toy collection

Toys are donated throughout the year to donate them on children's day and in Reyes to children admitted to the Dr. Juan P. Garrahan Pediatric Hospital, the San Isidro Maternal and Child Municipal Hospital, and the Central Pediatrics Hospital Dr. Claudio Zin, from the Argentine Falklands

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